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Imaginationeering has helped many inventors and startup companies to develop and launch their products successfully. Whether you come to us with just an idea or a home-made prototype, we will shepherd your invention through all the design phases that consist of conceptualization, designing, engineering, and prototyping.

We don’t just make prototypes, we make competitive products to make you successful. At Imaginationeering, Your Success is our success!!

Everyday 1723 U.S. patent applications are filed, start developing your idea today before someone else does!


Imaginationeering can help you with:


  • Conceptualization Phase
  • Product Development and Design
  • 3D Modeling of Concepts
  • Generate Patent Drawings
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing & Sourcing
  • Package Design

Project Examples:

Product-Putty Knife

Consumer Product-Putty Knife

Medical Pill Splitter Machine

Medical- Pill Splitter

Steady Cut


Our Clients:

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