Engineering Services For Inventors & Entrepreneurs

Our engineering services help inventors and entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality. Many people have great ideas everyday but lack the experience to make it happen. Imaginationeering provides our clients with everything they need to successfully bring products to market, including professional engineering services. Our engineers have extensiveness hands on experience with some of the biggest companies in Houston, such as Oceaneering and Seacon. We help large companies as well

New Imaginationeering News Letter

Announcing the Imaginationeering News Letter!   Our newsletter is tailored just for inventors, engineers and designers. We offer services for 3D Printing, 3D Design, Engineering, Product Development and much more. We have everything required to get your invention to market and strive to provide all we can to make your work easier. Be sure to not miss out on this great opportunity to get helpful updates, tips and news from

Mechanical & Design Engineer Contractors

Looking for a Mechanical Engineer or Design Engineer? Look no further! Imaginationeering provides our clients with the best mechanical and design engineers in the field. We contract with companies here in Houston and world wide across many different industries. Whether you need a dedicated contract engineer for a long term project or just have some concerns that need to be addressed by an experienced professional, we can meet all your

3D Printer Guide – Zortrax M200

Imaginationeering's Printer Guide - Top 7 Best 3D Printers Ultimaker 2 - For Enthusiasts The Ultimaker 2 is easy and reliable, designed for the best experience in 3D printing. Featuring a .4mm extruder capable of an amazing 20 micron layer resolution, 12 micron XY precision, and 5 micron Z precision, the Ultimaker 2 is the best consumer 3D printer available today. Operating Temperature: 15-32°C. Storage Temperature: 0-32°C. Supported OS: Windows XP+, Mac OS X 10.6+,Linux

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