Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Roles in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

The Integration of FEA

The engineering and scientific fields have experienced a tremendous increase in productivity because of the implementation of finite element analysis (FEA) which is a computer numerical analysis program. Having evolved over the years to what it is today, this highly efficient program is used to equate and solve the compound problems found in engineering and scientific fields. The FEA Consulting systems have proven to be groundbreaking by providing solutions to problems such as dynamics fluid analysis, structural analysis, and thermal analysis.

Successful Collaborative Efforts of the 3DEXPERIENCE and the FEA

Having knowledge and experience of what the FEA Services program has to offer, it is evident that the collaboration of FEA Services programs with the 3DEXPERIENCE can and has been producing immense and innovative solutions that have propelled the engineering and scientific industries forward. Based on the 3D design, analysis, and intelligence software, the 3DEXPERIENCE which is an aspect designed for a specific reason, one that is able to provide a real-time view of business activity. In an interactive environment, the platform provides software solutions by connecting individuals to the ideas and data needed to produce innovative solutions, even more so with the combination of finite element analysis.

With the constant evolution of technology, the 3DEXPERIENCE Business Platform has become more affordable and efficient, with the integration of finite element analysis roles, scientific and engineering industries have been on the fast track to business productivity and performance. Specifically, the collaboration between 3DEXPEREINCE and FEA has resulted in tremendous benefits and advantages, the main roles and benefits are highlighted in this article.

The Main Finite Element Analysis Roles

Firstly, the Structural Designer role which includes local 4-compute ability provides designers with a more efficient and direct process. This process simply involves the meshing, constraining and loading of a 3D part being worked on and proceeding to carry out a variety of analyses in a structured environment to analyze qualification for use.

Following is a role designed to provide more detailed finite element analysis capacities. With the engineering structure, it provides solve problems related to modal dynamics, buckling, harmonics in addition to even wider and more advanced capabilities, ones that allow for larger problem-solving. With a specific physics-related app this role also has the capability to employ a larger arrangement of features thoroughly to examine the results. Similarly, to certain roles, integrated computing is also available.

With the (SFO) role, there is an ability to perform dynamic step analysis that will efficiently obtain different things that the product will be subject to. Importantly, this role builds on the capabilities of the previous roles by adding dynamic capacity which includes the element of being able to move in multiple directions. In addition, embedded compute is available.

The finite element analysis (FEA Consulting Services) has a wide range of capabilities and with (SSU) aspect, we are able to experience the full FEA potential within the 3DEXPERIENCE. More extensive modeling tools and essential features for high standard analysts are more easily accessible. Input integration computing is uncommitted as well. However, it is important to note that the use of the different aspects of mechanical engineering is enabled to assist with solving highly compound models. As a result of this a strong recommendation is given to make tokens available for jobs that have a requirement of more than 4-cores to decipher efficiently.

Lastly, the unique standalone finite element analysis role is the SYE. Along with the other engineering structure, there is no computing integration which is the main difference seen between this role and the Structural Mechanics Engineer. This means that instead of using the 4-cores offered in other roles we are now able to run jobs based on the token base made available. More importantly, the engineering role also provides the ability to share tokens with the analysis of the 3DEXPERIENCE. This allows for a very easy transition between different work procedures.

Summary of Key Benefits of FEA Consulting Services Simulation within the 3DEXPERIENCE

Organizations within the engineering and scientific industry that have implemented the use of the FEA experience have seen various benefits and have also experienced increased productivity within the sector. Some of the benefits received have been the improved efficiency of design teams which provides a dynamic and comprehensive element to the overall experience. This also coincides with the benefit of no file transfers; all the data is accessible and configured in a particular sequence that enables it to be easily accessed and processed. The platforms also facilitate the collaborations with colleagues around the world to assemble complex models. In addition, analysts are able to adjust things based on their needs, there is also the ability to easily and directly perform Multiphysics simulations.

Another key benefit experienced is the quick development process, 3DEXPERIENCE platforms are utilized to expedite the process of making the product efficient in certain ways before fully committing to physical prototypes that may incur heavy costs and as well be time-consuming. One other key benefit is the ability to run an analysis using SaaS on the cloud. Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, is another popular function for cloud data analysis which allows users access to software housed on a cloud remotely from any web browser. This eliminates the need to use specific machines to accomplish a task.

Overall, FEA Consulting provides and allows for the opportunity for worldwide cooperation and collaboration with accelerated efficiency and productivity. This results in the general increase in profitability and the progressive advancement of the science and engineering industries. For more detailed information on our services and solutions, contact us!

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