Design Optimization Services

Design optimization begins with understanding the objective and required specifications of the component, or product. Once specifications are defined, Imaginationeering will explore optimizing the performance and the design of your part or product by changing one parameter at a time and run FEA simulation or CFD simulation after each variable change takes place.

Finite Element Analysis is the perfect tool to optimize any component or design, if used properly, in order to avoid any failure and to make sure that your parts are being manufactured effectively. Aerospace Industries heavily use FEA simulations to keep the weight of their parts at its minimum while meeting the strength’s requirement.

Design optimization of a product or a component will make sure that the strength of your component is meeting its required safety factor while keeping the weight as light as possible.

Product Optimization Services

Product optimization can be performed on existing products that has room to evolve to the next phase. Once the product optimization phase is performed, the product will have better advantage. The product will perform better, will look sleeker, and it could be cost less to manufacture.

Imaginationeering’s expertise can be deployed to analyze your product, in order to point out opportunities to reduce the cost of manufacturing, to reduce the overall weight of the product, and to enhance the functionality of your product.

Imaginationeering’s experienced engineers, have the minds set, the knowledge, and the right tools to solve most of the problems and to figure out ways to optimize your product.

More About Imaginationeering’s Product Optimization Solutions.

Imaginationeering will work with you to identify the goals of the optimization process. Your data is very valuable, hence you, as a client, will be involved in taking your product to the next level. Together, we will establish and identify all the parameters relevant to your product, and the desired improvements.

It is important to mention, that optimization phase can be very critical during the early design phase as well. Hence, your product would be already optimized before hitting the market, and you will avoid revising the existing product. Together, we can do a study to figure out the possible weaknesses of your product, and to come up with solutions to address each weakness.


The list below includes some of the things that we consider during the optimization phase:

  • Manufacturing Process: We do a study to assess if the current manufacturing process can be simplified by applying few changes on the design
  • Competitive Products: It is very important to get acquainted with the other products that are similar to your existing product, in order to capture any missing opportunities.
  • Simulation & Evaluation: Using the CFD simulation and/or FEA simulation, we would be able to run analysis on your product every time we make any change on your product. Hence we would be able to optimize the performance and monitoring closely each step at a time.
  • Prototyping & Testing: At some point, it might be necessary to build a prototype and test it to evaluate the modified product.
  • Identifying Missing Opportunities: We will work with you to identify any missing opportunities that can increase the value of your product. Imaginationeering will assess any IP ( Intellectual Properties) opportunities for your product.

Because of the business competitions, companies are continually looking for opportunities to optimize their products so they can be one step ahead of their competitors. You can rely on Imaginationeering to keep your product ahead of its game.


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