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You Imagine it, We engineer it

Imaginationeering is your one stop Product Design Company. We guide your idea into the concept phase all the way through the engineering & designing phase, prototyping phase, and manufacturing phase.

Imaginationeering has a total of 25 years of experiences in providing product design services. Since we had opportunities to work on many diversified product design projects, imaginationeering can be considered one of the best Product Design Companies in Texas.


Product Development Company

As a professional product development company with over 25 years of experience, we offer product development services that serve each and every phase of product development. At any stage of your project, our product development company goes the extra mile to assist you on the best possible solutions.
Imaginationeering is considered one of the best product development companies in Texas, USA. If you have a consumer product idea,  a medical device or instrument idea, or any product that needs to be developed, Imaginationeering is only an email away from you.

Top Product Design Services, Whenever You Need

At Imaginationeering we take care of everything when it comes to designing beautiful yet highly functional and impactful products.

We provide all the essential services and technical expertise you’d expect from a top product design company in Houston, Texas to build successful products.

Here’s what we offer:

Concept Generation

Need a game-changing design idea or concept for your product? Look no further. We offer product conceptualization services to help you create beautiful concepts that form the basis of your products and also satisfy your customers’ needs. We brainstorm and visualize concepts using a variety of sketches and storyboards to help you best express your product story.

Designing and Engineering

Whether you need simple designs or more complex ones, we use industry-best practices when designing and engineering your products. Our team offers high-level mechanical designing and engineering solutions that make your product stand out. We blend the right mix of technical skills and creativity in our engineering approach to make your products more attractive and functional.

CAD Modeling

We bring your product concept to life with robust CAD Modeling techniques. As a professional product design firm in Houston, we use industry-grade CAD Modeling software to create your product designs. This lets us create fully-functional and customizable designs ready to be sent for prototyping. We help you identify your product’s working mechanism, strengths, and flaws virtually before anything is created physically.

Product Design Optimization

We go the extra mile and optimize your design’s subtler aspects like shape, size and adequate use of materials to help your product perform to its fullest. With our design optimization services, we help you detect weaker areas of your design and build a stronger foundation beforehand to avoid any inconsistencies later on.


We offer quality product design and prototyping services during key phases of the design process. Our product development engineering team creates physical prototypes that help you test your design concept in the real world to ensure the results are as per your requirements. We use highly advanced tools and 3D software to create and evaluate your prototype designs so you get top-notch prototypes whenever you need them.


To ensure whether your design concept is working as intended, our product development engineering team performs a series of comprehensive tests. This helps us unravel important insights about users’ behavior when using your product. We use different techniques such as A/B Testing and Usability Testing to test your product’s design.

Manufacturing Support

Our team of skilled engineers and developers offer robust support during the manufacturing phase of your product. To avoid trouble during any part of the process we take care of the entire planning, organization, and management of resources to successfully deliver your product. Apart from quality services we also offer all the needed assistance required for your product’s completion.

Why Imaginationeering for Product Design Services?

At Imaginationeering, we take product designs very seriously.

We strive to provide innovative product development services that turn your next big idea into reality. With the right technical expertise and creative thinking, we help you make a difference with your product.

Whether your product is in its initial stage or is nearing completion, our designers and engineers take special care during each phase to make your product stand out.

Flexibility in Designs

Want to create a custom design for your product? Just hand it over to us. Imaginationeering is a full-service, new product development company that offers completely customizable solutions to all our clients.

We also offer scalable designs that adapt to evolving trends and meet changing requirements.

Diverse Set of Industries

Have a design requirement but come from a specialized industry? As a reputed product design company in Houston, we offer comprehensive product design services for a diverse range of industries in The Woodland, Sugarland, Baytown, and other areas in Greater Houston.

Whether you are from the medical or the consumer products industry, we follow the latest trends and design high-quality products for multiple markets.

Location Advantage

Live in or around Houston or Texas? As a local product design firm in Houston, Imaginationeering provides complete design and manufacturing solutions all under one roof. It saves you time, cuts on logistics cost, and provides faster delivery of your designs.

On top of that, it enables us to work closely with you and give us a better understanding of your product requirements.

Our Projects

You imagine it,
we engineer it!

Whether you are looking to optimize or to develop a new product, let Imaginationeering guide you through this process with our highly committed team today!