3D Printing Services

Imaginationeering provides 3D printing services in Houston and Texas. Our professional 3D printer machines utilize the FDM technology and use ABS Plus filaments which is stronger then ABS. We can be your 3D printing bureau to 3D print all your 3D Prototyping needs.


3D Printing Prototypes

Imaginationeering provides the means for companies and inventors alike to bring their product to life with the ability of in-house 3D printing. Many times, there is just the desire to see how something looks from a Sales & Marketing standpoint or how a product functions without spending money on costlier machined versions of a solution. The current technology of 3D printing allows for a wide range of materials to be printed that we can facilitate all the way from waxes and plastics to metals!

Our Projects

You imagine it,
we engineer it!

Whether you are looking to optimize or to develop a new product, let Imaginationeering guide you through this process with our highly committed team today!