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Imaginationeering offers a full suite of FEA Services for clients that need quick turn around, and looking for FEA Consultants to work on their projects.

Imaginationeering’s FEA Consultancy has a goal to help solve product design challenges. Our experienced FEA engineers verify all the FEA findings against empirical test data, and classical calculations to ensure accuracy.
Imaginationeering prides itself in more than 25 years of providing FEA Simulation services and FEA Modeling Services that allow us to solve the most challenging projects.

Imaginationeering is considered as one of the best FEA companies in the United States, Canada and Europe. Our diverse project experiences and our commitment to our clients have made us a dependable FEA company. Imaginationeering is committed to provide you reliable FEA Analysis and FEA modeling.

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FEA Company

Imaginationeering is considered one of the best companies in the world, in providing FEA Simulations, FEA Analysis, and FEA Consulting Services that help in solving most challenges that are facing your project. We provide accurate results and we are expert in Static FEA, Thermal FEA, Linear FEA and Non Linear FEA.

Structural Analysis

  • Static and Dynamic Loading
  • Non-linear Material, Geometry and Contact analysis
  • Hyper- Elastic (Elastomers) Analysis
  • Visco-Elastic & Visco-Plastic Analysis
  • Buckling & Collapse Analysis
  • Weight Reduction & Optimization
  • Stress Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis

Dynamic Studies

  • Steady state and Transient Conditions
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Thermal analysis
  • Fatigue and Life Cycle Evaluation
  • Harmonic Response
  • Impact Studies

Examples of our work:

Oil & Gas Specific
  • Drill Pipe Threads
  • Shock Sub
  • Lifting Sub
  • Subsea Running Tools
  • Seals (Metal & Elastomer)
  • Strength and weight optimization
  • Boom Lifting Capacity
  • Boom Allowable Deflection
  • Lifting Gear

Client Testimonials

Based on 35 reviews.
Zafarnia Family
Zafarnia Family
Francois and his team helped prototype a small transportation product for us that was delivered on-time and with a reasonable budget. Most importantly, Francois took the time to walk through all steps of the process, gave his informed input and regularly provided various options so we had a full range of possibilities to consider. What mattered is we were never given a "hard" sell or made to feel like we only had limited choices, and that's what made the collaborative approach work excellently. In the end not only did we get a great prototype, we continued doing more business based on the very positive experience from the start. Highly recommend if you're looking for a Houston-based creative development product engineer!
Alfredo Domínguez
Alfredo Domínguez
Francois and team were of great help during our project. They create very good value to any design project and are very knowledgeable with engineering related, highly technical topics. I highly recommend them and will be contacting them soon in my next product design project.
Jeremy Biggs
Jeremy Biggs
Francois was able to create my invention from a very rough sketch and an idea in my mind. Communication was always on point and responses to questions were never delayed. After 15 years of having my idea, Imagionationeering brought it to life in just a few weeks! I would highly recommend this company to anyone with an idea they want made real.
Sochi Onuoha
Sochi Onuoha
My company contracted Francois to assist us in the development of an in-house prototype and a 3d printing of the design. Out of the companies we contacted Imaginationeering was the most responsive and spent considerable amount of time assisting us with our project. Francois was knowledgeable and professional in his dealings with us and gave clear timelines and deadlines, which he met and at times exceeded. Francois is a man with a lot of ideas and will bring a great amount ingenuity to any project.
Brock Massner
Brock Massner
I contacted Imaginationeering when I had a homemade rough prototype. After talking to them and showing them my product they were able to take it to the next level I really needed. Soon after I was able to show investors and now I have a manufacturing line ready to launch my new product! Thanks Imaginationeering
Tim Delaforce
Tim Delaforce
I found Imaginationeering from a quick Google search. I called and was greeted by Francois. He was extremely open and receptive over the phone and agreed to meet with me about my project a couple days later. Francois was just as courteous and professional in person as he was over the phone. He was able to help me with my project and I couldn't be happier with how things have turned out. I look forward to my continued relationship with Imaginationeering. Francois is a huge help with designing anything and is always willing to spend some time with you. Extremely helpful and proficient with a lot of great ideas.
Dj Nemesis
Dj Nemesis
Francois and his team are some of the most professional individuals I've met. Working hand in hand until we were satisfied in making an amazing idea come to life! Very grateful and thankful I called
Stephane Fosouo
Stephane Fosouo
Imaginationeering is a very great company, the engineers are very experienced and knowledgeable. They will go the extra mile to provide great customer service and great experience. I was please with their service and I will recommend it to any one.

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