FEA Simulation Services in Louisiana

You Imagine it, We Engineer it!!

Imaginationeering has experts FEA Consultants with a combined of 50 years of experiences in providing FEA simulation services in Oklahoma for all type of industries. Imaginationeering is considered one of the few FEA companies in the USA that can trusted with its deliverables. By hiring our FEA services we will acting as your own simulation team to take care of all your FEA simulation needs.

At Imaginationeerirng, we believe that FEA Simulation is done right when it is delivering the same results as the results that you get in the real field.

Among the services we provide:

  • Structural Analysis
  • Static & Dynamic Loading
  • Optimizing & Adding Values to New or Existing Products.
  • Prototyping, Testing, and Providing Manufacturing Support.

FEA Company in Louisiana

As an FEA consultancy we are able to run FEA analysis on most challenging mechanical design and we will provide our clients with reliable and true results.

Among the FEA analysis that we offer:

  • Static FEA Services
  • Dynamic FEA Services
  • Buckling FEA Services
  • Stress FEA Analysis
  • Fatigue FEA Services
  • Steady State FEA Services
  • Transient FEA Services
  • Non Linear FEA Services
  • Thermal FEA Analysis
  • Linear FEA Services

Our Projects

You imagine it,
we engineer it!

Imaginationeering’s FEA services can be in the palm of your companies hand to be as your own FEA Simulation Team.