Product Design Conceptualization

Product design conceptualization is an important step during the early design phase of a new product development, or during an upgrade of an existing product. Design conceptualization services are needed when there is no clear idea or direction of how the product will function or what would be the product final look.

Imaginationeering offers product design conceptualization services to help our clients in providing them with few different concepts to choose from. The design conceptualization phase will allow your company to explore possible concept solutions for your current product, problem, or challenge.

Imaginationeering’s creative engineers team will do the brainstorming for you, and will assist you and support in providing you custom design concepts for your needs.



Problem Solving Conceptualization

Imaginationeering excels in providing concept solutions to solve any challenge that you are encountering within your project. Imaginationeering solutions for any challenge or project that you may have. When needed, Imaginationeering can provide your company with different concept solutions to explore. In addition, Imaginationeering can transform those concepts into real design when requested.

If you have a unique and unsolvable challenge, that requires mechanical engineer or electro-mechanical engineer minds to come up with concept solutions, Imaginationeering Design Solutions’ team believe that there is a custom design solution for every challenge.