5 Critical Prototyping Services To Pay Attention To During Product Development

critical prototyping services

It’s no surprise that prototyping services play a crucial role in transforming your idea into a tangible product.

Product design companies offer a wide range of product prototyping services allowing you to demonstrate the dimensions and test your product’s design aesthetics and functionality before it hits the manufacturing phase.

While there are plenty of prototyping development services out there, knowing which is best to fit for your product is always crucial. Based on your product requirements, picking the right service can help you take better decisions, saving you both time and cost.

With that said, we’ve compiled some prototyping services that are ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT for your product’s success. Make sure you consider them during your product’s development process.

Rapid Prototype Services


rapid prototype services

Rapid prototyping services are usually used to rapidly engineer an early product model using 3D CAD design. They are especially helpful if you are in urgency and want to produce something that represents your invention in a short amount of time.

Rapid prototyping is also a preferred method if there is a need for precision machining high-quality models or for custom machined parts that need improvement.

This form of prototyping usually is done through 3D printing. It’s also done through subtractive methods like CNC Machining Prototyping where the material is removed from the workpiece to carve your desired product. Other methods include Vacuum Casting, Molding, and Extruding.

If you’re considering rapid prototyping, it’s always good to pick a product design company that provides product prototyping services.

Concept Prototyping Services


concept prototyping services

Concept prototyping is a core service in which the company helps rapidly transform your concept for a part or system into a functional prototype. This prototyping solution comes in handy when you want to get rid of all the speculation from your design process. 

Concept prototyping involves taking your initial idea on paper, designing a model, creating a physical prototype quickly, and handing it to the customer to understand how the design could be improved.

Getting a feasible concept is important since your product’s success depends on how intricately it’s designed, something that’s determined by your concept.

This process also eliminates mistakes from the engineering process early on. The best part about concept prototyping is it can be applied to both new designs as well as for improving existing ones.

Product Prototyping Services


product prototyping services

Prototyping companies provide product prototyping services  to help you bring your idea or invention into life. By 3D designing your product and applying all the engineering skills into it, then prototype your product, your first revision prototype can be ready within 4 weeks from starting the project. 

The first revision product prototyping is usually for testing and experimenting with new designs to enhance precision by inventors and customers. Product prototypes give a perceptible impact than just providing an individual imaginary view.

Using Product prototyping services, you can bring out all the geometric aspects of your model and gain a better understanding of its working in the real world.

Product design companies usually do this through applications like CAD, SolidWorks, and 3D printers.

 Reputable Prototyping Company 


reputable prototyping company

Finding a reputable prototyping company that provides prototype manufacturing services can go a long way. It is very comforting to hire a company that has been in the market for at least 3 years and to makes sure that the company is going nowhere anytime soon, in order for them to continuously provide product design support.

Finding the right prototype design company occurs during the initial design stage of the product development process.

Inventors and businesses usually consider prototyping companies either to optimize their products or to bring new products to life.

Prototype Design Support Services


prototype design support services

Prototype support services are usually add-on solutions for anyone that needs additional expertise regarding prototyping.

It is basically ideal for those that have a design idea but need some assistance throughout all the four stages of development. With these services, you can get a deeper understanding of the prototyping process and unravel new ideas to make your product better.

Many product design companies offer dedicated prototype consulting for small and large companies. With their expert solutions, you can get the right roadmap for your product that can save you both time and costs.

Final Thoughts

Product prototyping services are crucial no matter what your product is. They give you a perspective for user research and bring your product idea to life from concept to completion.

Make sure you consider these services the next time you have a prototyping requirement.

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