The Distinction Between Product Design And Industrial Design Services


Every unprecedented product in the market originated from the stage of designing and conception. A simple everyday item like a toothbrush to an intricate automobile engine designing process has helped shape ideas into reality. However, employing the right designing techniques plays a vital role in the product development cycle. 

This article talks about product design and industrial design in detail. Often the terms Product design and Industrial design are used interchangeably. But in reality, Industrial design refers to designing products for mass production, and Product design signifies designing unique ideas into sustainable products. In simple words, Industrial design is about building product designs that can be developed into products to be easily sold and manufactured on a large scale. Engineering design firms offer product design services to help develop ideas into feasible designs that can be fabricated uniquely.

Diving deeper into Industrial Design

The mass Manufacturing processes have allowed people to have living standards as they do in today’s time. Multiplication of identical objects using mass production is made simple by pieces of machinery and engineering tools. Manufacturing objects through hands has become a thing of the past. With mass production, people assisted by machines have the ability to create a high volume of similar objects. From bulk manufacturing parts to sophisticated systems, industrial designers have revolutionized the industry for the better.

Streamlining and optimizing the mass production processes and the evolution in industrial design has brought the industrial revolution. Despite the incessant engineering challenges, experts offering Industrial Designing Services can come with ways to produce aesthetically appealing items at lower costs.

The Process

Contriving an initial design of the product to be created, industrial design companies focus on mass-producing the intended product with zero hassles. The experts will analyze the data and, accordingly using the resources, Fastrack turning ideas into reality.

Industrial Designing is not just about detailed CAD and CAE drafts. In fact, every component is explained in detail to comprehend the manufacturing techniques that have to be involved.

However, depicting each component and how they fit together isn’t enough to succeed with the designing process. Like, a draft angle is given to the product so that it can easily be ejected from the mould. Moreover, the walls of the product should be thick enough to ensure sustainable manufacturing. Minute details like these are the differentiating factors that separate industrial design from product design. 

Diving Deeper into Product Design

Contrary to Industrial design, Product design, as it sounds, is designing products based on unique ideas and concepts. These vastly varied and uncommon products need to be contemplated before the manufacturing process starts.  In other words, the Fabrication of products with distinctive design features and aspects relates to product design. With the extensive use of Computer-aided designing, engineering experts can devise complicated parts and components with much ease. 

Product design often referred to as the subset of Industrial design, is thought of as a synonym to industrial design. Contrary to popular belief, product design does not relate to the bulk generation of a commodity; instead, it denotes fabricating products with distinct features. Seeking the expertise of professionals offering Product Design Services can catapult the process to solve problems by replicating the desired product as per the constraints.

The Process

Individuals with entrepreneurial mindsets can come up with ideas that can be transformed into life, altering products. To shape these unique ideas into valuable product designs, a product design company comes into the picture. Seeking help on product design services can shape the development of the desired product. Building a functional product from mere concept can be a cakewalk for product designers.

 Keeping in mind that a product that’s ugly but easy to manufacture might not give the intended sales. Simultaneously, a product with striking aesthetics without much functionality might draw poor feedback from customers. Thus, creating a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality is a crucial aspect of Product design. Articulating designs, mockups, and drafts using CAD software helps designers put together the idea into an actual product design. 

Why Knowing the Difference Is Important?

Knowing the difference between the product and industrial design is essential, especially when differentiating between Industrial Design Companies and a Product Design Company. When planning to create a new product, it might be silly to hire two separate designers for the same product. At last, why not look for relevant design companies? So, they can do creative work and save time as well. 

When comparing industrial designing services and product design services for a product to be designed and manufactured, understanding the difference beforehand is crucial to know which option is the best. There is a possibility that manufacturers can reject a design based on the complexity and confusion on how to create the part. Thus, seeking the appropriate help according to the requirements becomes significant.  


Understanding the disparity between product and industrial design is crucial to choosing the right kind of design service to design an intended product. Considering, both product and industrial designers play an essential role in the industry. With the assistance of expert designers, any idea can be transformed into a viable product. 

Firms and companies offering design services are a great way to overcome the setbacks encountered in the product development cycle’s designing phase. At the same time, industrial design companies aim at providing Value Engineering (Reduce Product Cost) and Mass Production (Increase Product Volume). A product design company challenges the feasibility of an idea.

All in all, with a faint differentiating line between the industrial and product design services, both play a vital role in their own quarter. Comprehending the difference between the two becomes simple with a clear picture of the requirements one seeks with product designing.

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